Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My tomatoes

So, I guess you could say that since giving up my life as a university student, I have become quite the homemaker.  The other night I made homemade apple pie, even the crust was homemade! I bought a house plant, I painted letters that I bought at a craft store which spell out my sons name, and the greatest achievement yet, I am starting my own tomato plants.  :)  I am extremely excited about them, who doesn't love fresh tomatoes from their own garden! Or rather from 5 gallon pots on my back patio.

I definitely think God has called me to be a mommy, because not only do I get so much satisfaction from taking care of my son but even these tiny seeds growing in recycled egg cartons in my apartment make me happy when they begin to thrive.  Their latest change being that one of them has sprouted it's second set of leaves meaning that soon I will be able to transplant them outside, though I might have started them a bit early considering our little family still needs coats to go outside and it's raining almost constantly today.  I still have hope for the little guys though.  I am extremely excited :)

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