Friday, April 1, 2011

What I'm good at

The latest blog on etsy: Etsy Success Challenge: What's Your Biggest Strength?

This got me thinking a lot.  Having a person growing in side of you, and growing yourself  as that person grows can make you criticize yourself quite often.  In fact my latest summary of my self image was this:  My hair is horrible, my shape is horrible, my complexion is horrible, I am HORRIBLE.  The end. 

There's a song that plays on my favorite christian radio station.  The lyrics read, "(God) You make everything glorious, what does that make me?"  I listen to this song almost on a daily basis, yet I rarely let its message really enter my brain, and even more rarely do I let it be in my heart. So, after reading etsy's success challenge and being reminded of this song, I had some things to put into perspective.  The article asks what parts of my etsy business am I good at?  Instead of dwelling on the fact that I haven't made very many sales, or that I'm not always 100% clear on taxes, I need to start focusing on what I'm good at, and also apply this to the rest of my life.  So, here's to new thinking!

What I'm good at in my business:

I am a talented crocheter
I take wonderful pictures when I put in the time
I balance my life with my son, always putting him first and then work on my extras

What I'm good at as a wife and mother:

I make my husband dinner every night
I can always support Lincoln when times get tough
I love Milo with all my heart, and wouldn't give him up for anything
I think about the little one inside my body before I make decisions on what to eat and drink, and how much to exercise

What I'm good at as a woman of God:

I love the Lord with all my heart
I want my experience with God to be REAL
I have the desire to be closer and closer to God everyday

What are the things that you overlook that you're good at?  How does God make you Glorious?

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