Friday, June 3, 2011

Schedule.. HMM..

So, it has been far too long since I have blogged.  This is mostly because I have just been so darn busy!  To be honest, laundry is piling up, orders are piling up (even though they are mostly trades)  and the last thing on my mind lately has been to blog.

HOWEVER!  I do miss it.  I love to be able to write every day, it seems like the repeated task tends to unblock my mind and relax me.  And there has been some stress lately...

So, what's been new in my life lately?  Well, my son officially turned one this last Tuesday.  It was an extremely emotional day in which we took him to go get pictures, which he did very well in until the end and then became very bored while mommy and daddy picked the pictures we would take home.  We were supposed to be having his birthday party tomorrow at my in-laws house, but decided to go in a different direction with it and postponed it until the 18th and have it up here in Bellingham (instead of 3 hours away where they live) at a cute park that has baby swings and slides :)  I'm extremely excited!  The theme is Thomas the Train, which used to be his favorite show, but now I'm thinking it probably should have been themed after the movie Tangled, since that's the movie Milo could watch every day all day.  Don't know how my husband would feel about our son having a disney princess first birthday tho.. hmm..  He is now sitting in his high chair having just finished his cereal bars snack and playing in water he somehow got out of my water bottle, so I guess I'm going to have to finish this short and go clean him up :)  Funny how he looks just as cute with cereal in his hair and water all over his shirt though.  Don't babies have it easy?  If I showed up somewhere looking like that, people would probably question my sanity and definitely question my hygiene.   Babies however, seem too look just as adorable clean as crazy messy.  How do I get in on that gig?

I hope to be updating you all more often in the future :)  Happy Friday!


  1. well, the party sounds like it will be perfect...happy birthday to your son...hope your weekend is fabby!

    enjoy *~*

  2. Thanks :) You have a good weekend as well :)


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