Sunday, May 29, 2011

My first etsy trade event

So, I am trade exhausted!

On etsy, they have a "team"  that you can join and trade goods with other members of etsy straight across.  Since I'm probably only going to be shopping with the money that I earn from etsy anyway, I figured, Why not?  Well, I attended my first trade event today, which is just a forum that you go on to and all kinds of other traders are on at the same time, and you trade like mad.  Well, about 10 washcloths, 5 hats, a cowl, and some other random items later, I am DONE!

My husband kept asking me all day, "whatchya doing, honey?"  My answer, "trading"  :)  And that's all I have done all day, well besides going swimming with my son and doing some dishes and a short walk to the subway.  It was amazing and thrilling and even though they aren't real sales, I still feel like my shop is growing towards success.  Especially after checking my google analytics and realizing that I tripled my views and unique visitors from yesterday to today.  Yay for trades :)

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