Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another Church Update

Well, I can officially say that I have attended a full church service since my son was born! :)  We started out in the nursery again, but he only lasted about five minutes after we left before he realized that we weren't there.  We found him with one of the nursery workers trying to cuddle him in a rocking chair, he was terrified.  :( 
So, then we went back to the main service and lasted there through all of worship an a little of the actual sermon, which was really the only part of the sermon that I really heard.  I do know that the pastor was talking about a current missions team that is headed to Africa, and something about making yourself uncomfortable in order to be closer to God.  Other than that, I have no idea what the rest of the sermon was about because after we headed to our third room, The Family Room, Milo ran around and played lie crazy and we were just trying to keep up with him :) He did good though compared to the last times he's been there.  He only stole one little girls toy, a helpless little one, not even crawling yet.  I soon exchanged the stolen toy for daddy's keys and gave it back, and other than a little crayon drawing on the table, he was a perfectly happy little guy. 
Now, he is on his way three hours south to his grandparents until Wednesday or Thursday, or until I can't survive with him any longer.  Since he left, I have been yarn shopping, been making a to-do list and am currently at coffee with the hubby while he is on his lunch break from Fred Meyer.  So basically I have been doing anything to avoid going home :) After this, I'm sure I will go home, though and try to keep as busy as I can.  I have to admit that it will be nice to just go home and have no schedule, to be able to work out and shower and clean and knit and crochet without worrying about if Milo will wake up, but I am really sad none the less. 
Will update you all soon on my adventures without my little love bug. :)  Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday :)

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