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Not only is MsBittyKnacks our featured seller, but she has also generously
 donated one of her  pieces for an awesome 

1.) Tell us a little bit about yourself? What are your other hobbies, what is day to day life like for you?
I'm 32 years-old. Based in Miami, FL. Work as a Physician's Assistant by day and on my arts at night. However, I have a BA on Sociology/Anthropology/Women Studies; certified as a EMT (emergency medical tech) and BA (behaviour analyst), so as you can see my career road has deviated quite alot. Besides my work and crafts, most of my time is devoted to my 3 boys (boyfriend and 2 schnauzers). My day begins at 645am- go to work up until 6-7pm when I get home. Then is rush-rush (walk the dogs, feed everyone, then pending on the day I either do on-line (socializing, blog, post items) or crafts. The weekends is when I do most of my projects and photographs.

2.) What inspired you to begin creating and open your shop? 

Since I was a kid my mother always encourage me to do and learn crafts. From canvas, ceramics, sewing, jewerly...and the list continues. I personally always liked doing holiday projects and little home decor as gifts for friends. So, after many "you should sell your stuff" or "you are so creative"; I actually began considering it. One day browsing the internet I found Etsy and was hooked. I made a must have at least 5 items and that's when I opened MsBittyKnacks Shop last year.

3.) What is your best seller item in your shop? What is your favorite item in your shop?

The best sellers are my Day of the Dead Catrinas and the mini holiday clay characters. I belive the Catrinas are just too fun and they can be used through out the year not only Halloween; they are my favorites, but that's because I have a fascination with Day of the Dead festivities. The little clay characters are way cute, they are my original whimsy characters and are a forever part of the orgins and future of my shop.

4.) What is your biggest struggle as a etsy seller?
My biggest is the marketing. I for once do not like to constantly be writing "hey check this out", it's not in my nature. Also, the amount of time it consumes, my time is already very limited. I guess, since I started blogging it feels less like that, but still my biggest challenge. Another, is being up to date on all the social media, I must confess I am a bit of a dinosaur, I began with tweeter at the end of last year, my blog 3-4 mths ago and I still don't have a facebook; so imagine. But little by little, I am still in the learning process.

5.) What's your favorite thing about being an artist? 
To be able to create what I want to express in a fun mode, either by a character or a back story to a piece and mostly to being able to share it with people outside my circle. It's so fulfilling for me to look at a picture of a sold art piece and know hey that's at this state or this country an is part of some wonderful new circle, just too cool. 

6.) Do you have a crafting "routine"? Are there things in your day to day life (job, family, etc.) that make it difficult to stick to that routine?
The only routine is to get some work done during the weekend. My week is extremely hectic and sometimes that's the only thing I ask of myself. 

7.) I talk a lot about certain fears of creativity, like the fear of failing and fearing that people won't like your creation, do you experience these fears and if so how do you get past them and keep creating?
I think every begining artist has the fear of some sort of rejection at one point or another. My biggest one is to ship an item and not have it arrive the way it was meant, aka. broken. I know I'm at the begining of a fun and long journey and that I have to get people to know me better. Also, the more I create the better I'm getting so those two are my main motivators to keep me going.

8.) Tell us a little quirky fact about yourself.
I always have a notebook with me to make quick sketches whenever something creative pops in. I am an avid reader or fantasy/ sci-fi novels. 

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