Sunday, July 3, 2011

Church update

So, we went to church today and decided that we would try out the nursery after seeing Milo play with all of the kids at the mall and noticing that he was actually okay without mommy right there.  I would love to tell you that it went wonderfully and that I actually got to sit through a whole church service (something I haven't really done for the past 13 months).  However, I would be lying, and even though I haven't been able to listen to any sort of sermon lately, one of the very few things that I DO remember from church is that lying is a strict no-no.  ;)

We went to CTK and lined up at the first time check in for all of the little ones who get dropped off.  Milo was put in the Butterflies room, for ages 12-18 months :) Cute huh?  We were told that it would be alright if we were to go in to the room with him for a while to make sure he was okay, but at the insistence of the woman who brought him into the room, we left. "They do much better when the parent just leaves," she tells us.  Okay, I think, tears in my own eyes as my baby is yanked from my husband and I for the first time by a stranger.  So, we leave.

We go to the room where service is held and attempt to find a seat.  Our church recently switched from having 3 services on Sundays to having just 2 in order to save a little money and due to the fact that less people usually attend when there is bright sunshine out rather than pouring down rain as is the usual for Bellingham, WA.  There are absolutely NO seats.  We search and search and find a seat in the middle of one of the rows, squeezing by four people to get to them, not an easy thing to do when you're 7 months pregnant!  We pray along with the pastor for the opening of the service and shake hands with just a few people around us and sit.  2 minutes later, I see our number flash up on the screen used to alert parents that their little ones need them.  We squeeze back out past those very unfortunate 4 attendees, I'm sure I stepped on one of their feet and had either my large belly or my equally growing tush in each of their faces.

When we get to the room, we find that Milo has not stopped crying since we left :(  He was sobbing, snot EVERYWHERE and trying to escape the woman holding him the moment we got there.  Poor little man :(  We are definitely going to try again next week, but forget the woman at the door who knows so much about how well my child is supposed to do when I leave, we are doing it my way :)

That last sentence might seem a little strong to some people, and let me assure you I am not usually so outright rude to or about people, but when it comes to my babies, I can not help but be a momma bear.   For instance, you should have seen the look of terror on the lady's face at the bakery when they messed up the spelling on my son's 1 year birthday cake and very inconveniently forgot to make his little personal cake. :)  Not that I was mean in any way, but for sure she knew I meant business :)


  1. With my son I did that for a while... my husband works at the church and I am involved in the service so I kinda have to put my kids in there.. but I would just take him, and go get him when they called me. I always told the nursery works not to let him cry very long that I would rather come get him... so they did. And he eventually just stopped crying. Once they get used to it and they just kinda whimper a little when you drop them off it is better to just walk away. But when the are super upset crying like that they just do NOT forget. It's a hard balance and you have to be comfortable with leaving.... you'll know when it feels like they will forget and start playing with toys.
    : ) Keep at it and good luck. Soon he'll wave and so bye mommy... then shut the nursery door himself.

  2. Thanks so much for the encouragement :) Sometimes I wonder if other parents' children are just these perfect little angel babies that never get upset or something, because that's how it seems that people assume my child should act :)


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