Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Featured Seller Tuesday!

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1.) Tell us a little bit about yourself? What are your other hobbies, what is day to day life like for you?

I'm a professional graphic designer, and I love my day job, even though it can be pretty hectic during certain times of the year. I'm a junior designer at my local school district print shop, where I do everything from business cards for staff members to diplomas for outgoing graduates. I also work freelance for a real estate company where I get to make thing like flyers, websites and brochures.

I also, unfortunately, work part-time at a big box retailer just to help pay the bills. Obviously, with so many "real" jobs i don't have as much time for my beading and art as I would like, so i will take it with me in a little craft bag and make things on my lunch breaks. besides creating jewelry, I also love to draw and paint, read and write, and watch Spongebob Squarepants with my wonderful husband, Nick. (Can you tell I'm a newlywed? Haha)

2.) What inspired you to begin creating and open your shop?

I'm been beading since forever. My grandfather was really into the Native American beadwork, so my older sister and I picked up on it quickly at a young age. It wasn't much longer before I started selling in the local craft shows and art galleries. My sister opened up a shop on Etsy (which i had never heard of) and asked me to make her graphics for the shop banner and avatar. I was like, "What >>>IS<<< this magical place?" It was love at first sight. I was a customer for awhile, and then I eventually opened up my own shop and started listing terribly photographed jewelry items, of which I am gradually improving on. ;-)

3.) What is your best selling item in your shop? What is your favorite item in your shop?

Most of the items in my shop are one-of-a-kind, but I do have a few items I remake when they sell. My best seller so far is my evil eye ring. My favorite is probably my Marie Antoinette choker which IS an OOAK item, so whoever buys it first will be the only one to ever have it.

4.) What is your biggest struggle as a etsy seller?

Etsy is a great place to sell, and it's also a great community to be a part of. But I have to remember that before my sister asked me to do her graphics, I had never even heard of it. A big struggle is to get people who don't know about the site over to it, and hopefully to my shop. Because Etsy requires new customers to sign up for an account before they can buy anything, it can be kind of a struggle for some new buyers to make that leap.

5.) What's your favorite thing about being an artist?
I love feeling inspired and making something new. I make all of my own designs, and I never feel like I am going to run out any time soon. Usually, there simply isn't enough time to fulfill any of them at any given time. I also love the sense of accomplishment at finishing a new piece. A lot of my beaded pieces take a long time to finish, so reaching completion can feel very satisfactory.

I also love the the idea of having someone else wearing and loving my pieces. I love it when my customers send me messages about just how much they love their new treasures!

6.) Do you have a crafting "routine"? Are there things in your day to day life (job, family, etc.) that make it difficult to stick to that routine?

Because of all of my days jobs, the only time I get to squeeze in for crafting in whenever I can. On my breaks at work, and the bit of time I have at home before I have to go to bed. I am fortunate to have a husband that, while he works multiple jobs as well, it helpful with the housework and the cooking and all that. It allows me to dedicate what free time I have to my creations. I am hopeful that someday this business will lift off enough for me to be able (to limit) the number of jobs we hold between the two of us to one each.

7.) I talk a lot about certain fears of creativity, like the fear of failing and fearing that people won't like your creation, do you experience these fears and if so how do you get past them and keep creating?

There is a fear, especially when i first started trying to sell my works, that people wouldn't think they are worth as much as I was asking for them. When I first started selling on Etsy I prices my items really low. I still think they are low, but in a reasonable way, and I am starting to feel more comfortable asking what I do for them.

8.) Tell us a little quirky fact about yourself.

I don't like milk. I'm not allergic or anything (thank goodness, I can still have ice cream!) I just don't like to drink it straight. So I sprinkle a little bit of water on my morning cereal. Most people think that's pretty gross, but I guess it's just something I'm used to.

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