Friday, April 15, 2011

God takes care of us

So, we got our tax return today.  Just checkin in on the bank account a second ago and saw that it had finally arrived.  AND it was such a great reminder of all the ways that God takes care of us.

This summer my husband is taking on an internship and taking summer classes.  Well, the internship being what it is pretty much pays almost nothing, not quite but almost.  It's a great  opportunity for him and I know that, but thinking about all the time he would be spending on that and the hours he would have to give up at his normal job made me super nervous.  But, I laid it on God.  Even in the beginning of this school year, when we realized that he would have to take on an internship, though I was worried, I knew God would take care of it, and that's what I told my husband.  And, like always he came through.

In other news, had my first prenatal appointment on thursday, and though it was a few months over due, it went great! Baby has a good strong heart beat and the doctors think I'm about in my 16th week, but will know more after the ultrasound on TUESDAY! Fill ya in later.

P.S. Though I know having two munchkins under two will be challenging, God will take care of that too :)

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