Saturday, April 30, 2011

What's inspiring me :)

  Being pregnant and having an 11 month old can be quite inspiring.  It's what's driving me right now to want to continue my business on etsy, even though I haven't had a sale in more than a month, and only 4 since my shop started.  However discouraging that might be, my dream is to be bale to provide for my babies while still being a stay at home mommy, and I also want to show them that just because something doesn't take off right away doesn't mean that it can't be a success.  I don't want my babies to think I'm a quitter.  I also don't want them to think that things come so easy in life that they will always immediately be successful at everything, or that if they aren't then it's not worth it.

  It would be so worth it to me to be able to run my own business from the privacy of my home, maybe in our office/ craft room of the beautiful two story house that my husband and I purchase.  I grew up in a very poor family.  I was the sixth child on my moms side, only child on my dads, but my parents split up when I was 5 or 6.  So, I lived off of hand-me-downs and remember for quite a while that I didn't even have a bed, but slept on the floor of our two bedroom single wide trailer that housed my mom and stepdad, her 3 kids that weren't out of the house and his three as well.  That was 4 girls and 2 boys and 2 parents, and I was the youngest and therefor felt the least seen or taken care of.  I never want that for my children.  I guess that's why when I found out that I was having a baby girl, I immediately went out and spent far too much money on anything and everything that read the word "princess".  I could just as easily spend hundreds of dollars on "prince" outfits for Milo, my son if I could find them in the stores and convince my husband to let him wear them.

  My inspiration is my babies, and everything in life that I want for my babies that I didn't have and everything that every little prince and princess deserves.  They are the most special to me, two of the biggest blessings God has given me in my life.  I am so proud of how my husband manages to provide for the four of us while going to school.  He provides a beautiful apartment for us, food in our cupboards, our clothes and all of his time.  But, I want to be part of that provision as well.  Every time I hold my son or feel my little girl kick, it inspires me to be a better mommy.  

Milo, my inspiration

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