Friday, April 29, 2011

A schedule

I have decided to create a schedule for my blog, that way I have a specific topic on a specific day to talk about and I know what to write about.  I started this blog thinking I would blog daily as sort of a thing to end my day, or to motivate me to crochet, but I have failed horribly.  Enough of the huge gaps between my writing! I gotta get down to business.

Monday:   Crochet Monday:  Newest projects that I have started, stitches I am learning, maybe a pattern or two, WHO KNOWS?! Tune in :)

Tuesday:  Cruising around Etsy: New shops I found, my new favorite items, etc.

Wednesday: Open

Thursday:  Knitting Thursday:  I will spend my whole day thursday dedicated to knitting, and share my progress on projects, especially my sons baby blanket which I still haven't finished and he will be turning 1 in a month!

Friday: Open

Saturday:  What inspires you?  Talk about what's inspiring me creatively and in life in general.

Sunday:  What's new in my JT (Jesus time)

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