Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Feature Seller Tuesday!

This weeks Featured Seller is….. 

For this weeks featured seller, I chose a shop that sells
its own assortment of crocheted baby hats, hand
 painted onesies and crocheted mug cozies. 
Hope you will drop by her shop and give her some love.

1.) Intro, tell us some things about yourself, where do you live, what's your day to day life involve, etc.
I am a semi newlywed and a momma to a beautiful baby girl who is turning two at the end of this summer! I live on long Island, New York. I love spending time with my little one and enjoy playing & making messes with her! I have my degree in Elementary Education but teaching jobs are hard to come by here on Long Island so until my daughter goes to school I am putting the search for a teaching job on the back burner. 

2.) What inspired you to open Tutus and Tea Parties?? How long have you been crocheting?
I taught myself to crochet when I was in college and had some help from a few people I used to work with when I got stuck on something. When I found out I was pregnant I started crocheting some baby things here and there. I was never really good at anything besides making blankets but I practiced and finally was able to get better! Now I'm a crocheting machine! My daughter has hats to match pretty much any sweater she wears!

3.) What's your favorite thing about being an artist?
I love creating custom orders. Sometimes the greatest color combinations or ideas come from special requests. It just makes me so happy when someone tells me how much they love what I have made. 

4.) Do you have a crafting "routine"? Are there things in your day to day life (job, family, etc.) that make it difficult to stick to that routine?
Routine? What's that? Lol. The closest thing to a routine I have is crafting when my daughter goes to sleep at 8pm. That is my free time to do housework and craft. (Lets be real, the crafting comes first and the housework piles up...but eventually gets done.)

5.) I talk a lot about certain fears of creativity, like the fear of failing and fearing that people won't like your creation, do you experience these fears and if so how do you get past them and keep creating?
Yes, I have fears that some people won't like what I have put so much time and love into making. I just keep in mind that you can't please everyone. There are going to be those who love what you make and those who do not. What matters is I am proud of what I make and enjoy it. 

6.) What's your favorite item in your shop and why?
Every time I make something new, the new item is always my favorite. I think the Spring Beanies are my favorite! Although I just sent out some pretty cute hats to be photographed (a bumblebee, football and watermelon) Once those come into my shop I'm sure they will be my fave!

7.) Tell us a little quirky fact about yourself.
I am addicted to chocolate ice cream (Edy's or Breyers only) and it has to have chocolate sprinkles on it! I eat a bowl pretty much every night while I watch my shows. (good thing the little one keeps me active all day to burn it off!)

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring me! I will be spreading the word and linking up on my blog tomorrow too! :)

  2. Glad you all liked it! Make sure to tune in every Tuesday, there will be a new shop for you all to discover

  3. Thank you for taking a look & for your wonderful comments. :)


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