Monday, May 2, 2011

In the world of crochet: Being afraid of the art of yarn

So, I already have killed my schedule, after only two days, but no worries we will try again this week :)

I have often heard from creative people that the hardest part of creating something is the idea that you will fail, an idea so frightening that it makes the creator not even want to try in the first place.  This is especially true for writing because writing is such a creation of self, that when people read one's writing they can in some ways read about the writer herself.  I also think that this is true of all other crafts to some degree, and it's terrifying.

So, in my world of crochet, I am fearful at the moment.  I am afraid to keep creating because of the lack of sales in my etsy shop, and even more fearful to write about the fact that I'm afraid.  So, I guess in a way that is what this blog is about, me conquering my fear of people knowing that I am creative, that I'm both a writer and an artist of yarn.

As far as projects go, I have been crocheting the same washcloth, a project that should take about an hour (or two if I'm really distracted) for the past week.  It is very similar to the blue washcloths in my shop, only lime green.  It is going to be a part of a baby boy basket that I had the idea for.  In the basket should be two baby blue washcloths and one green one, two hats of different sizes and maybe baby booties if I ever master the craft.  I have big ideas, but definitely need to get over this washcloth.  The bottom line though is that I do believe that I have the ability to be successful at running my own craft business, but I just have to get past this fear of failure, because if I already have decided that I'm going to fail, then how can I ever succeed?

I wonder, what do other people do when they get to the point of fear that I'm at, feeling like you're just on the point of breaking through to success, but can't quite figure out how to take the next step?  I guess the first part of taking that step is to just finish a gosh darn wash cloth.  Hopefully, next monday I'll have a picture of a washcloth, or maybe the entire baby boy set I envisioned for you all to see.  Optimism  begets more optimism and ultimate success right?  Maybe optimism, even if it is a little forced, is all I need to get over this fear.

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